Ginan - Resources

Design Abbeymade


Ginan is a circular yoke Tunisian crochet sweater featured in Issue 3. The top is specially designed to be made with assigned colour pooling yarn. 

Special Stitches

Chain ridge increase (Inc): insert hook in back bump of RP ch, yo and pull up loop.

Slip stitch cast-on: place a backwards loop on hook by looping yarn around thumb and slipping it on to hook, yo and pull thru loop— 1 loop cast on.

Modified RP: insert hook thru beg 2 loops of rnd with hook exiting at back of work, yo and pull thru both loops (joining st made), [yo and pull thru 2 loops] to end.

Modified RP joining st photos

How rnd looks before joining st is worked. Loop to left of white stopper is first edge st of rnd. Last loop on hook is last st of rnd.
Insert hook under first 2 vertical bars (first edge st and first st) of rnd with hook exiting at back of the work,
yo and pull thru both loops.


Technical Photos

Sometimes fit is hard to determine from editorial photos alone, so we've taken clear and simple photos of our model, Ijeoma wearing Ginan. Ijeoma is a 91.5cm / 36" bust and is wearing a size 3 (finished bust circumference 99cm / 39").