Call for Submissions

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spring/summer 2025. [closed]


All aboard! We're taking to the seas for Issue 8 - Spring/Summer 2025. Put yourself aboard a ship (oh, but leave the sea sickness in the real world). Listen to the snap of the sails and the gulls keening overhead. See the glimmer of the sun on the water. Feel the wood of the steering wheel, worn smooth by many hands, and the rough ropes slipping through your palms. Taste the salt in the air. 

And for our nautically themed issue, we invite you to focus on designs that will work for men. As a crochet magazine, Moorit has featured more designs made for women, but crochet is for everyone! For the 'Ahoy There' issue we are imagining garments and accessories made in mens sizes that men and women and anyone else would want to wear. 




Moorit places equal emphasis on garments as accessories, and while our range is geared toward women, gender neutral or menswear designs are being prioritised in this issue. Home decor, blankets and amigurumi are accepted, but we are not specifically seeking these.

Additionally, we are looking for proposals a non-crochet craft project and for 1-2 written essays or articles about crochet, crafts, fibre, or other lifestyle subjects that would interest our readers.


Submission deadline: Wedneday 10 April at midnight GMT
Decisions: approx 19 April
Patterns/samples/articles due: 19 July
Publication: 25 March 2025


You will be offered compensation in the form of a flat fee, commensurate with the level of difficulty/complexity of your pattern or length of your article. For patterns, Moorit will provide yarn support; your pattern will be tech edited; and your design will be professionally photographed for inclusion in the magazine.

After a six month period of exclusivity, we may still print and sell your pattern within the issue of Moorit for which you are commissioned. And we will never print or sell your pattern individually or reprint your pattern in a different issue. 


Pattern proposals should include at minimum: A brief description of the design, construction and inspiration, a sketch, an image of your swatch, and suggested yarn.

Please use our submission form to submit your proposal. If you have more than one design idea, submit a new form for each proposal. If you have access needs which are not met by the form, please email 




If you have any questions, email