Bleep the Sheep

Design Projecterian x Jessie Van In
Bleep the Sheep is a brown amigurumi sheep sitting. It is sitting on top of crocheted accessories.
The full written instructions for Bleep the Sheep are included in Issue 1.

Photo supplement

If you need a bit of extra help interpreting the instructions, these explanatory photos can be used in conjunction with the written pattern.

First 7 rows of a leg, showing 3 skipped stitches. LEG Row 7: Photo shows bottom of leg with the indent caused by "sk 3 sts".
Place marker in each finished leg

LEG: Place marker as instructed in the last round of each leg.

Attach the tail in round 6 of the body

BODY Rnd 6: When attaching the tail, work through both layers of the tail...

When attaching the tail to the body, work through both layers of the tail as well as the body

BODY Rnd 6: ...and the body before completing the stitch as usual.

Attach the legs similarly to the tail, working through all 3 layers.

BODY Rnd 14: Work through both layers of the legs and through the body to attach the legs.

Attach the ears through all three layers.

BODY Rnd 51: Work through both layers of the ears and through the body to attach the ears. Be sure the ears are facing the correct direction.

Place marker as you join the second ear.

BODY Rnd 51: Place marker as instructed as you join the second ear. Switch to C2 at end of round.

Progress shot after finishing the body.

BODY: Progress shot of complete body

Rejoin yarn in marked stitch to begin the coif.

COIF Rnd 1: Re-join for coif in marked stitch.

Work in front loops only for round 1 of coif.

COIF Rnd 1: The first round of the coif is made in the front loops of round 51 of the body.

Beginning from round 3 of the coif you are working short rows.

COIF Row 3: The remainder of the coif rows are short rows.

Pin the coif down before sewing it down.

COIF: Coif stuffed and pinned, ready for sewing down.

Points marked to embroider the face.

FINISHING: Points A-F marked for the face embroidery.

The completed face embroidery

FINISHING: Finished face embroidery.

Finished Bleep the Sheep sitting on a grassy spot.