Wind Rose - Resources

Design Claudia Dingle


Wind Rose is a lacy tank top featured in Issue 2, constructed with join as you go square motifs. 

Technical Photos

Sometimes fit is hard to determine from editorial photos alone, so we've taken clear and simple photos of our model, Rachel wearing Seashell. Rachel is a 103cm / 40.5" bust and is wearing a size 4 (finished bust circumference 110cm / 43.25").

Rachel stands with her arms to her side and the full pattern of the lace is visible. In each motif, a circle is surrounded by a square shape.

The look of the tank top does not change when the model raises her arms.

The back of the tank top curves gracefully downwards. The motifs under the arm droop a bit.

Now, from behind, Rachel raises her arms and you can still see some drooping in the underarm.